Platform Model

Model Capacity (in kg) Accuracy(in gm) Platform Size(in mm)
SHP-50 50 5 300X300
SHP-60 30/60 5/10 300X300
SHP-100 50/100 5/10 400X400
SHP-150 75/150 10/20 400X400

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200KG (400*400 MM)

300KG (500*500 MM)

100KG (300*300 MM)

300KG (500*500 MM)

Introducing our Precision Platform Weighing Scale, a versatile tool for precise weight measurement. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it offers accuracy down to the gram or ounce. The large backlit display, multiple unit options, and user-friendly interface simplify operation. Tare function subtracts container weight, while overload protection ensures longevity. Use it on battery power for pority or AC power for continuous operation. Its compact design fits any workspace, making it ideal for Industrial, laboratory, and commercial applications. Trust in our Precision Platform Weighing Scale for accurate measurements, enhancing quality control and efficiency in various industries